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Jeff R.
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Re: Am I missing something?

Bryan Benson (Thor&#039s Hammer) wrote:
I don't know if I missed something but from my perpective the people on here that say aikido is worthless in a fight have been gipped...

In my AAF dojo we attack a lot faster and more skillfully than anybody on 'the street' would, and we make sure that every step of the way we're as safe as possible from attack. Where is this innefectivenes? I've only done 3 months of classes but already I'm able to neutralize the average bully with a simple kotegaeshi or ikkyo... where are people getting this "ineffective" idea?
That's AWESOME that you are finding Aikido to be fun, fascinating, and practical. When you begin, you see a lot of power and magic in the techniques, and you feel unstoppable. As you get older, you begin to question and test the techniques, some people to different degrees than others. Further in training, after several years, you see that the techniques were always effective, but the principles needed to blossom inside of you; your body needed time to develop the nuances of Aikido as second nature, especially against a variety of attacks outside the dojo.

Don't jump the gun with overconfidence, but be confident in where you are. There is always somebody better than each of us, and there are people on the street that will blow your mind with speed, accuracy, and power--especially when it comes to survival. Overestimation of your own skills makes you as vulnerable to what you're not expecting as underestimating the skills of others.

Have fun with training. Experiment.
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