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A little different perspective:

I am studying in the tradition of Tomiki. One of the things that Tomiki did is take his experience as an educator and organized the basic techniques of Aikido into an easily communicated system.

When testing time comes around, it becomes a fairly simple affair. There are technical requirements for each rank. The tori steps up with their uke and, on command, performs the basic requirements, demonstrating the necessary proficiency. This is something that they work on and practice, typically with the uke they plan to test with.

At my dojo, this is thought of as more of a demonstration than a test. They have been asked to demonstrate for rank because:
  • They have demonstrated the proficiency in the techniques in the course of regular training.

    They have the time/maturity requesite to the upcoming rank.
This applies to everything from yonkyu (the lowest rank for which we test) to however high up our system requires demonstration for rank.

I know this is really different from other systems but I wanted to share it simply as a different perspective on testing.


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