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Re: Am I missing something?

Bryan Benson (Thor&#039s Hammer) wrote:
I don't know if I missed something but from my perpective the people on here that say aikido is worthless in a fight have been gipped...

In my AAF dojo we attack a lot faster and more skillfully than anybody on 'the street' would, and we make sure that every step of the way we're as safe as possible from attack. Where is this innefectivenes? I've only done 3 months of classes but already I'm able to neutralize the average bully with a simple kotegaeshi or ikkyo... where are people getting this "ineffective" idea? the belief - sponsored by society and media - that aggression is key to success. Aikido is non-aggressive; therefore it cannot be successful. Personally, I find this belief to be in error. Aikido is extremely tactical; used well it can effectively handle any 'street' (note the quotations) situation.

One source of the misconception seems to derive from the fact that Aikido is not seen in MMA tournaments. Again, I personally find this idea odd; since the stated object of Aikido is the successful resolution of conflict in the most efficient and peaceful means possible; not in competition.

There are many as well who don't consider Aikido to be a fighting art at all; that it is a means to self-betterment and relaxation. That's their choice and it's a good one if it makes them happy. I personally find the tactical nature of the art deeply fascinating.

Be that as it may however; I'd offer one note of caution: You stated that "I've only done 3 months of classes but already I'm able to neutralize the average bully with a simple kotegaeshi or ikkyo." Unless you already have substantial experience in other fighting skills; and have successfully used Aikido in a defensive situation; I wouldn't be so quick to declare your abilities. There is no such thing as an 'average' bully and remember; bullies rarely attack singly - they travel in packs. Are your abilities - and your mental preparation - ready to handle a 3-on-1 situation? Lol - I'm not preaching; hope I don't sound like I am, just offering a small note of caution - there is a fine line between confidence and over-confidence.

Happy training!


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