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Although this thread is starting to change its subject somewhat, I would agree with Andrew.

Sometimes explanations seem a bit wooley because they are harder to explain in words than actually doing or showing. There is an intimate relationship between uke and nage in any technique, requiring a nage response from everything uke does. Therefore it is only when you start aikido when you are told 'step here', 'step there'. Once you realise that you have to step in the optimal position (which depends on uke), you can then make your technique far more flexible (if you look at pictures of Ueshiba, he has a very varied approach to stepping in).

I found an excellent book called:

T'ai Chi Chuan, the Internal Tradition
(Ron Sieh)

Which is very good at explaining aspects of weight distribution, unbalancing, attitude and sensetivity to uke, and the way technique should be 'open and responsive' and not formal. It doesn't talk about techniques, and is probably better if you've done a few years of aikido (I bought it years ago, but am only realising now how true it is).

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