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Re: Re: Re: What Aikido Lacks...

torokun wrote:
are some areas that I've asked about and never gotten a clear answer on, such as the footwork while executing a spinning iriminage, or a spinning kotegaeshi... Maybe it's just that the teachers I mention above never explicitly talked about these things. But why not?

clearly -- Don't you agree that usually teachers say "Extend ki", or "Keep connected here", where they could say "Look, when you twist your arm like this, you feel the connection with your shoulder... This is what we mean by 'connected'...". Maybe your teachers go over these points, but the teachers I've trained with are very ambiguous about it...

OK, two things at once...
this is a link to a very helpful article by Tiki Shewan, 6th dan. Since nobody will bother reading it because he's in France and we're all so parochial (so am I, I just happen to have a French sensei..) I'll put a relevant point here that he makes near the beginning of the article. I recommend reafing the whole thing... (It's on the subject of teaching movement.)

"During the time that it has been my privilege to be working and teaching Aikido and laido, I have been continually inundated with requests to "explain in words" what I was seeking to teach. Two facts became immediately apparent to me :
1) that most people always want explanations for what they do;
2) that these people are under the impression that they will learn more satisfactorily if they have these "explanations".
After some time, I came to the conclusion, while providing "explanations" requested of me, that very few trainees, did, in fact, learn better what they were being taught,when they were given explanations....."
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