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Sorry but I guess I am lost. Why in the years that Aikido has been around is the question being raised that Aikido is not combat/street effective? The information in the above post is only a small part of the proof that Aikido is at lest effective enough for military and law enforcement. So why should it be questioned? Being a Police Officer I looked for Aikido for years before I was able to start. I started Aikido because I knew that was an effective form of martial art and it was what I wanted to assist me in my carrier in Law Enforcement. I knew this because of the same information that is listed in the above post and this was before I found Aikido. I now teach Aikido to area Law Enforcement Officers and they are always returning to tell me how well it worked to subdue a violent suspect. The Officers that return to inform me of the success they have had are Officers with no more than a 16 hour, two-day training course. I can and the Officers I have trained can tell you Aikido is combat/street effective.
And I would love to attend the Yoshinkan Tokoyo Riot Police course that Matt Banks mentioned. That would be the ultimate for me.

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