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Venan Rodriguez (mura-san) wrote:
Estimate George S. Ledyard,when you started to uses stuba,you said that it's when you studied classical sword,but it isn't Ueshiba's sword system create for the aikido,althoug it's the origin of aikiken.

Into of aikiken there aren't any technique that uses tsuba for make protection or block,it's of other kenjutsu schools.
I am actually unaware that the use of the sword in Aikido had had been codified, as in classical ryu ha. Certainly Saito Sensei developed his own system to teach what he had learned but I have trained under Saotome Sensei and his sword work is quite different than Saito Sensei's. Nishio Sensei's is different than either of them... Ueshiba O-Sensei didn't have a sword "system". There are no set forms, there are no set techniques that he passed on although some of his students have formulated their own in order to teach what they had learned. It is ridiculous to assert that by putting a tsuba on a sword, or by doing sword techniques that may utilize that tsuba you are no longer doing aiki ken. Whose aiki ken? Where is it set down? This is just as bad as people who say that if something wasn't done by O-Sensei in the Aikido he did in 1954 then it isn't REAL Aikido.

Anyway, in Saotome Sensei's sword there is a lot of powerful deflection work and I can tell you that I have been glad of the tsuba many times.

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