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Hello all,

Being new to this forum, I've been reading the recent threads with great interest. Here is an interesting perspective that speaks to the recent threads on "combat effectiveness of aikido" and "pressure points".

In case you didn't know, the US Army has many manuals and other publications available on the web. One of them (FM 21-150, "Combatives", describes a basic course in hand-to-hand combat.

I was very interested to see described in the wrist-lock section, a clear (to my 3 months of aikido eyes) kote-gaishi and a nikkyo! Further, the manual emphasizes as basic principles that, in defense, one first moves offline of an attack, then takes the opponents balance, from which position many techniques are possible. I'm sure I've heard almost the exact words from my sensei .

I'm certain that more experienced aikidoka than I would be able to see other parallels. So next time someone says aikido isn't combat effective, you can say that the US Army uses some of its techniques, they must be pretty effective!

The manual also provides a list, with illustrations and descriptions of possible effects and anatomical reasons for their vulnerability, of vital points/nerve points. It would be interesting, I think, to see a comparison between these points and pressure point charts as seen in traditional Asian cultures.

In case this isn't strange enough, apparently the US Army also believes in ki, or at least a "sixth sense" You can read about it in the "Sentry Removal" chapter.

My first post!
willy lee
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