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Matt Banks
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Fights on ground

The old line ''95% of fights end up on the ground'' How can that be proved? What I cant tell you from a family of police officers and marines in our experience no they dont go to the ground in the conventional sense. Yes 1 guy does as hed been knocked or thrown down. The above line is pushed by Gracie Jiujutsu so it gains popularity and sells more t-shirts, the main culpret is the UFC (of which the fight organiser is Rorion Gracie ''suspicious'') they get a nice paded ring a grapplers haven 1v1 and they dare call it ultimate fighting. Not true if you were locked up the guys mates would kick your head in and you couldnt do anything about it. What can be proved by stats and which ive seen from my cities stats is that most attacks on people definately occur at least 1v2+ so pure grappling is rendered useless. Most fights Ive seen end in 3 seconds all of which have been a quick tenkan and hes hit the floor. If it did go to the floor each fighter tries to get up straight away. I know how to grapple I used to go competion jiujitsu but I would not in real life with hard concrete floors or worse to have your head slammed against and the threat of of people attacking me on the ground while im locked up.

Dont let the UFC cloud your judgement.

Matt Banks

''Zanshin be aware hold fast your centre''
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