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Re: are martial artisits peaceful?

ian wrote:

do fights end up on the floor?

Hi Ian. I've worked as a member of an rapid assault team were I met two type-senarios

1. I was attacked - I managed to deflect the knife (in that case) and got him to the ground, since he was to be arrested and we had to controle( pin) him and cuff him.

2. I interveened in fights ( more like heavy argumentes with puching around) before one was knocked down.

In both cases I belive that one or more would have ended up on the ground, stabbed, shot or knocked (throwened) down.

As I have said before: If you don't have the time to run away from the attack then either you talk your way out of it or one of you will end up on the ground - maby not in a pin but throwned down or shot or....

You all maby ment submission type of "ending up on the ground" in that case my post didn't answard anything.

Jakob B - I'm late for training... see ya!

Jakob Blomquist
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