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Hi Peter,

Yes - the dojo is gorgeous. And there are two great places to eat around the corner as well. That's always a plus after a hard workout. One was a Mexican place that was really top notch - go figure, of all places, Japan. But the couple that ran the restaurant travelled to Mexico to learn how to cook Mexican cuisine. It is a great place with a great atmosphere - very intimate and friendly. The other is a raman place that I have to say had the best fried rice I have ever had! No other place came close! lol The Osaka Aikikai Hombu dojo is also quite nice as well but a bit expensive to get to from Kyoto on a regular basis. It is very modern but set to old-style flavor. There is another great, modern, dojo in Yasu - Nishio style. It had great facilities - very convenient. But my favorite dojo (for the building) was an Osaka Aikikai affiliate near Nara. The dojo was located in a Zen temple, and we actually practiced in the zendo itself. Wow! Talk about atmosphere! :-) Nothing quite like doing Tai-no-henko with Bodhidarma glaring down at you! (They had a big picture of him on the main wall of the zendo.)

Thanks for writing,


David M. Valadez
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