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hmmm? Maybe things have changed since I was last in Japan - it has been about three or five years now. On the map - yes that is the same place - the Budo Center right behind the Hiean Shrine. Only when I was there the class was affiliated with Osaka Aikikai, which was their own sub-federation under the Aikikai federation. Classes were taught by Nomura and not Nariyama. As I said, this is the same place, but either, now, Tomiki style has taken over the classes or classes are held at the same place on different days. The Budo Center is a big gym that has many different arts training there all at the same time - just using different days of the weeks and different times of the day. For example, to get to my Aikido classes, I had to park my bike near the naginata class, walk passed the iaido class, and then make my way to the Aikido area. On the way home, I passed by two or three different arts just to get to my bike again. :-) It was great training in the old dojo. But most often our classes were in the modern facility - which is pretty convenient during those harsher seasons like winter and summer. :-)



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