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Re: Aikido in Kyoto

David Valadez (senshincenter) wrote:
There is also Aikido at the Budo Center - about 3 nights a week - with each class being about 90 min. The Budo Center is right in the middle of town - pretty much. Classes, when I was there were taught by Nomura Shihan, from the Osaka Aikikai. Folks came from many places, and from many federations to train there - classes were always on the larger side - and so I ran into many different styles. From there I had met some people under Nishio Sensei's lineage - e.g. they had a dojo in Yasu. Classes were on Tuesday (evening), Thursday (evening), and Saturday (morning). They had many seminars, camps, etc. - and on special occassions you get to train in the old dojo - which is supposed to be the oldest dojo building in all of Japan.
I think thats where the Shodokan folks that Peter mentioned train. Like you said, many styles, I suppose. There's a map here, if that helps to find the place. It looks absolutely wonderful.


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