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Re: Re: White belt when visiting:

Jeff Rychwa (Jeff R.) wrote:
I believe it may depend upon affiliation or just plain common courtesy. Typically, if you're a visiting a different discipline (Kung-Fu, etc.) and taking a lesson, then I have always seen wearing a white belt to be appropriate. If you are visiting an affiliate dojo, or a dojo of another discipline to put on a seminar or demonstration, then wearning your normal rank is appropriate.
The distinction you make between within your discipline/style and outside your discipline is a good one. When I trained in Japan, although I had earned Ikkyu in another style of Karate but still wore a white belt. The biggest lesson I learned is that they appreciated the honor of telling me that I was better than my belt suggested and I appreciated them saying so. Had I wore my "rightful" belt, they might have been placed in the uncomfortable position of thinking I wasn't as good as my belt suggested.


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