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Coming back to this, I've just got back from the dojo (where, I might add, I discovered I'd gained the confidence to hurl myself towards the ground in a forward-roll-on-right-side-motion... and succeed.. *gasp!* ) , where for most of the evening I trained with a fellow I'd not seen before, but was sporting a white belt.

After introductory chatter as we worked through random techniques (After over half the session focusing entirely on Ki, and performing simple, yet grin inducing Ki tests on each other..), that he was in fact a returning 5th Kyu (Green in our association/dojo), but had been away for quite some time, so wanted to reintroduce himself to Aikido, and so forth.

It was one of the most rewarding sessions I'd had, and it's thanks to him, that I took my first proper ukemi, and ended up working on my rolls in the dojo for 30/40 minutes after the session had ended.

My stomach muscles hate me, but I feel good. I think there should be more experienced ranks hiding around dojos as ungraded

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