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He wrote, about self defens, 4 statement
I actually dissagree in 3 of them.

In my opinion:

* Some Martial arts are great for defending against sudden attacks... If you are aware of your surroundings then you won't even be surprised .
* Most fights do end up on the ground... one of you will surely end up on the ground, injured or not, if the attack on you involves weapons e.i unless you, as a defender, aren't able to run away before that is.
*Size and gender don't have to be important.... That depends on what you do. Everyone can bite and put a knee on the balls and spit and skratch etc... It's really individual. Just do something. And if you train an Martial Art then you will learn your body, that reacting instantly is second nature.

Well this is of course only my opinion.

Jakob B

Jakob Blomquist
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