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sean mcdonnell
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Belt System Question.

Is it just me or do anyone else's dojos not have a belt system?( By belt system I mean colored belts that indicate your level of experience) Everyone I've told this to online has been like, "That's weird, I wonder how that works." Well I'm not exactly sure either but It seems like your either a white belt or a black belt. Also some of the senior students wear hakamas by choice. I've also read on that there is no belt system in Aikido. I assume then that it is not traditional to have a belt system but different dojos have picked up on the idea and used it. Consider my Sensei was an apprentice of Kisshomaru Ueshiba( son of the founder) I would suspect that he would be following the original traditions. I would be interested to hear if anyone else trains at a dojo with no belt system. I also realize that this topic probably came up in the past, but I just found this site a month ago so give me a break.

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