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Taras Poltorak (taras) wrote:
Thanks for your help guys, I think it is a bit clearer to me now. What would you call a step and a pivot then? (like in iriminage)
They call it irimi-tenkan in our dojo. The other terms we use are very similar to those in the post above. We don't use 'tenshin' and 'okuri-ashi', though.

At first, I thought of the general terms, such as tai-sabaki, te-sabaki, ashi-sabaki, etc, as pretty much self-explanatory (tai - body, te - hand, ashi - leg), but I checked a dictionary and could find no meaning of 'sabaki' (or 'sabaku') that matched 'movement'. Perhaps I wasn't looking in a sufficiently large one? Someone who's better at Japanese help?
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