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Circle Effectiveness...

I feel that I must amend my previous post with the things I left unsaid. I left them unsaid because I thought it had been shown clearly here in everyone's posts...

Aikido is very effective in certain situations, and it's very good at cultivating a calm state of mind and spirit that helps people greatly when they actually get in a real fight.

Although I've never been in a fight since I started practicing martial arts, I have had a lot of friends who do other things (TKD, etc), who have wanted to spar with me, or just mess around... I can tell you this -- I have never been very comfortable with it, because aikido techniques don't just leave bruises, they break bones. They rip tendons and ligaments and displace joints. They slam people to the ground, where they may land on their head or at least bounce it hard on the concrete...

A couple of times I've messed around with these guys, and I kept my distance, and avoided strikes, but as soon as I had a chance, I moved in like a tank and had them. At that point, I usually stopped, because if I applied a good technique, they would have resisted it and broken something... I'm sure that in many real confrontations, the same thing would happen (although I would be forced to follow through), and that means that aikido is effective. At least as effective as TKD, karate, or many other arts.

A lot of successes have been posted about here... I believe that reading this thread now should be enough to convince anyone that although there may be limitations or things lacking in aikido, it is effective in "real fights". Not always perfect, not always victorious, but quite effective.

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