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I see you're still ignoring the forum rules to sign your posts with your real name. figures.

joeysola wrote:
Also, my whole reason for sticking around is that no one has been willing to admit that aikido has limitations.
Oh for heavens sake and here I took you at your original word and assumed you were actualy intersted in finding out if it DOES work in an IRL situation, not just trolling to try to get someone to say 'Gasp! oh dear! I just realized...if a mac truck comes at me I can't stop it with Ki!!' of course it has does anything else you can mention. So do all the people that practice whatever it is they practice.


but the majority of people who have answered this thread seem to not be able to accept that fact and still think that Aikido is the ultimate martial art
Actualy, most of the answers were pointed at trying to answer the accusation you made with the subject line and your first post. that Aikido doesn't work AT ALL in a fight. any fight. in any situation. There is no ultimate martial art. I'm curious what you believe is the ultimate martial art, if you are really good at it and if you would be willing to attack someone like say..Toehei Sensei with it.


no one has been able to step back and really take a look at how aikido is practiced and it's relationship to real altercations.
On the contrary, a large number of people have explained in detail how effective it is in real altercations. You have completely ignored all such comments. Care to explaine why? or do you think that everyone that has posted anything of the sort has made it all up and is lieing?


Any serious critisicism by me has led to personal attacks and that is hilarious, none of you know me. I just wanted to shake things up a bit, but everyone got all defensive, boo hoo.
Personal attacks on you didn't start untill you posted your little 'oooo look at this other thread' and I responded. If you feel that all the rest were personal attacks on you....that's your own head trip. Perhaps we all should have just ignored your question at the start realizing you werent' actualy intersted in information only in diseminating your own side of things. That's fine...but dont wrap it up in the pretense of asking a question and seeking for knowledge.


We are talking about martial arts here, they are not that important, I did not mean to offend all of you, I never tried to insult any of you. Relax everybody. Peace.
hmmmm let's see...I spend...5 days a week, 1.5 to 2 hours a class training..I'm pretty sure a lot of other people do more. no i guess it's not important to me at all or anyone else.
I bothered to try to answer what I thought was a serious question from someone who had a serious interset and now find out he was only out to make fun of everyone..nope...doens't matter at all. not important.
I've watched you basicaly call anyone that disagreed with your statements that Aikido doesn't work in real life situations liars...suppose that shouldn't matter.

i'm not offended...just disgusted that I bothered at all.
It did worry me that you seemed to feel based on a TV show and youre limited experience with someone who isn't very experienced that you might go challenge an Aikido practiioner (Aikidoka in case you dont know) who DOES know what they're doing and get the ground wiped up with yourself...but I no longer care about that either.

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