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Cool That last post...

Torokun. I enjoyed your post.

#1. Superb, insightful, and though youŽll get a rash of people replying with hurt feelings, true.

#2. Ditto, after the sequence starts with initial footwork, youŽll be hardpressed to find free continuance. It would basically become a free-for-all because after the conflict begins, range(maai) is VERY difficult to maintain.

#3. Very important, generally overlooked.

#4. Started getting a little out of my league with internal power and stuff.

And as for you Mr. Joeysola, is this what you were looking for? I think that many people recognize weakness in whatever art they practice but chastizing people and saying the donŽt pisses some people off. IŽve read all the posts and I didnŽt feel that ANYONE made it sound like Aikido was what you feebily described as the "Ultimate Martial art". IMO

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