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Finally, it's letting me post.

So, my first impulse was to say uke, which is what I chose, because ukemi is so much fun. It's also, I think, more practical (as noted above by Otta and Andrew). Ukemi can save your life, literally. I know someone who was hit by a car. Bystanders said she went 2 stories high. She landed in a breakfall, and yes, she had some serious injuries, but she recovered (and came back to practice).

Then I thought, gee, I dunno, it depends on who's throwing me, and as I get older maybe I'd rather throw more. I most like to take ukemi from people who are really good, generally higher ranked than me. As you practices more, the proportions shift, you moves up in the ranks, etc, until suddenly one day you're not a beginner, then you're a relatively senior student, and so on..... in light of all that, and aging, maybe nage would be better.
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