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Matt Banks
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Re: Fighting

''I have seen two high ranking Aikido practitioners in the early UFC videos.
Dear Joeylsa

The Aikido practitioners were
slaughtered even though in both instances the Aikido practitioners had the weight advantage.''

Lets get something straight I have all the ufc matcheson tape up to ufc16. I can tell you there has never been a proper aikidoka who has fought in that grappling orientated compettion and email SEG the company that runs the show the one person you speak about did it as his 4th martial art he claimed to have trained in 6, now I think you get the picture seeing as his main art was muay tai which I think conflicts with Aiki tecniques alot. He according to seg he had proberly only done it for about a few months. I presume you use the Ufc as anexample of a real fight as there arent any gloves, well then your a fool. Look I come from a family of police and can tell you from national surveys that most attacks/fights etc occur 2+ v 1 ok, so when your locked up to one enemy his other 4 mates are stabbing you in the back. What about weapons we deal with them in Aiki including live bladed weapons, unlike in most grappling including GJJ I know Ive done it. In aiki we constantly deal with multiple attacks live weapons awareness etc etc all that are needed in a real fight not in the paded ring of the ufc 1v1 with a time limit

thanks Matt Banks

''Zanshin be aware hold fast your centre''
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