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Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
In general, if you do a lot of running without knee problems, you are probably way ahead of most Aikidoka in staving off knee injury.
Thanks, that's a relief. My knees are in good shape, despite being a runner. (and the dire threats I continually hear over my bleak future of immobility)

You are right about the difficulty in working those exercises into my routine though -- balancing running and aikido is getting challenging. Especially since I enjoy both so much. So far, at least, aikido is making me sore in places I don't use much for running. I've been very, very happy for the cardiovascular fitness I have from the running. It's so much easier to focus on the techniques when I'm relaxed and "rested". (so to speak)

It's probably coincidental (since I haven't been studying aikido long enough to really effect a physical change) but my running times have dropped significantly since I started. Whatever the reason, I'll take it.

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