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I had my 1k test a few months ago. I also prepared (and it doesn't hurt), but, as the test progressed and I got to the freestyle part I was no longer able to even think of the script. Plus, at an earlier point in the test they threw in a couple of left fielders, techniques I hadn't prepared for.. this is part of the game too, and it destroyed my mental order.

On the freestyle part, the attacks came too fast for me to think, and when I tried slowing the pace down, senseis just called for an increase of pace which killed all my careful planning.

I ended up doing throws I hadn't thought of, and totally abandoning any organized charts.

On the other hand, the mental preparation did work in the sense that I was able to go into the test with confidence (which was shattered minutes before, but that's another story)

In any case, good luck!

Alfonso Adriasola
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