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The experience of people who have tested up in Seidokan is very different than this. (Are there other schools that test this way?) There, 5th and 6th kyu tests require 1 technique from each of the 12 basic attacks (katatedori, katate kosa dori, ryotedori, ryote muchi, kata dori, ryo kata dori, shomen, yokomen, ski, and 'attacks from behind'). 4th kyu tests require two from each attack. 3rd kyu tests require three, and so on up to shodan, where 6 techniques from each attack are required.

When you're just starting out, you have to spend time planning your test because you don't really realize that you know 1 or 2 attacks from each technique. The habit of at least partially planning your tests tends to stay with you (at least it did for me). Even at shodan, it's interesting to think about which techniques go with which attacks most easily and what you're most comfortable. It is certainly true that as the test progresses, things can get pretty spontaneous.

I found this style of testing to be very interesting for me, really forcing me to examine my own Aikido and notice it.

Yours in Aiki
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