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Re: Injury as a Learning Tool

Dave Organ (DaveO) wrote:
Does your kokyunage look like some bizzare stork mating ritual?
Oh thanks, Dave, for giving my sensei more fodder to tease me...

Dave Organ (DaveO) wrote:

Step 1: Act as uke for a newer student doing shihonage for the first time.

Step 2: Encourage nage to go as fast as possible; in order to 'minimize mistakes'.

Step 3: Take a big step away from uke as he attempts shihonage to give him plenty of room.

Your arm should now have the same rigidity as an octopus's tentacle.

You will quickly find that since none of the tendons that attach the arm's muscles to the bone are actually attached anymore; keeping a tense arm will be impossible. Your elbows will stay low due to gravity. As a special bonus; if the, I mean uke...took your wrist out with the rest of your arm, you'll have the option of performing some remarkable variations as uke during randori. Yokomenuchi will prove especially interesting as your boneless arm wraps itself several times around nage's wrist when he tries to throw you.

I meant to do that....!

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