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Opher, don't worry i'm not at all upset. Tho i know in a previous thread i started i did mention more than once i can be easily misunderstood...

You have it backwards about the little girl princess fantasies tho. Most professional Jazz and Modern dance companies require and sometimes subsidise daily ballet classes. In most programs it is the ballet teachers who are acknowledged first. The princesses generally weed themselves out as soon as they find out how hard it is or the first time a choreographer raises her voice, or on a more positive note, when she discovers that there are other dance forms out there. Ballet is just generally the first exposure to "theater dance" one receives.Usually the Nutcracker- princesses, fairies, the she goes there first

actually my original background was in Modern, i resisted ballet fiercely till i was over 30, when my company director required i get into a ballet class. needless to say i was sold.body type notwithstanding.

what in aikido is unnatural? did i mention Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sankyo and Yonkyo? i'd add Kotegaeshi except i know that it is an accuoressure technique and therefore may have medical benefit. butdoes the human body voluntarily perform any of these techniques by nature? or didn't somebody, OSensei or one of his predecessors have to actually figure out that if you bend a wrist a certain way it causes an interesting reaction in a person? just like somebody figured out that if you wrap your thigh muscles around a certain way it makes it easier to do as many as forty-six pirouettes on one leg without stopping?

i do yoga too. more forcing the body into unnatural positions. nothing wrong with that, either.

I have no problem that you have issues with ballet. hey i was a deadhead for 20 years and i had no problem with the fact that most people couldn't stand the Grateful dead, either.and i thought disco right or wrong about either of those. i just get picky about the difference between judgement and opinion.

and now back to the original subject of this thread. French Aikido, wasn't it?


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