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Ki Symbol Ki is Concrete.

I practiced aikido for 4 years, training _hard_, and eventually I realized that if there was anything more to ki than I was seeing, I wasn't going to be able to learn it there.

Thankfully, I found a great teacher of BaGuaZhang and XingYi who really knows what internal power is about, and how to teach it. I also found a number of first hand accounts of experience with subtle forces in the body, which convinced me beyond a doubt that Ki is much much more than most aikidoka know about or even suspect.

Esoteric Taoists in China don't think that ki is mystical, or strange, or made up. Ki is concrete the moment you begin to feel it. Until that point, it's a mystery... Actually, it's sort of like sex, in that way... or an orgasm -- you don't know what it's like until you experience it. After that, it's part of everything you feel...

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