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Sorry to have gotten you upset.

Just to make myself clear: I agree with what you say: ballet training seems reasonable for ballet performance. I still think that all the stuff I said is wrong with ballet is, in fact, wrong. Not within the ballet aesthetic, of course, but rather from my own personal sense of what makes 'good' movement and 'bad' movement and what makes 'good' art and 'bad art.

While it seems reasonable that 80% of dancers have a ballet background, that has more to do with the way ballet fits in to little girls princess fantasies than with ballet being good training for other kinds of dance. I think most dancers who do not dance ballet feel that their ballet training was more of an obstacle to be overcome than a good basis from which to develop.

All right, why am I carping on this? I'm not sure. Apologies again.

I am, however, interested in what you feel is unnatural about Aikido movements. I'm willing to believe that there are things which would qualify as unnatural, but they don't come to mind off hand. Of course, 'unnatural' is in they eye of the beholder. I'm interested in your perspective, coming from the tradition you come from.

Yours in Aiki
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