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"However, while ballet teaches some things that are useful and some things that are pretty, it also teaches many things that are neither useful nor pretty and there is a lot wrong with it besides"

i repeat-what is Wrong with ballet? It teaches nothing that is Wrong. For Ballet.What in ballet that is taught that is not useful for Ballet?

Yes there is a great deal of "unnatural movement" in ballet techniques. We don't naturally rotate out glutes and thighs around the back of our legs. But it sure comes in handy for big open tai chi steps.

Yet there is movement in aikido which is equally unnatural. And specifically designed to cause pain. The pain in ballet is Self-inflicted!But no ballet dancer is qualified to classify Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Sanky & Yonkyu( which granted i have not yet had the pleasure- or is that pressure) as Wrong. How are you qualified to make this judgement about ballet?

and just FYI, at least 80% of all professional dancers have a ballet background whether they perform it or not.

and i am starting to feel beligerent so i think i better not continue this verbal aiki skills ain't so well developed!


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