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Ballet is certainly not soft. I'm not sure if it even looks that way.

I didn't mean any disrespect to the hard work that dancers and choreographers put into ballet. I also didn't mean to say that there were no useful skills involved in ballet. However, while ballet teaches some things that are useful and some things that are pretty, it also teaches many things that are neither useful nor pretty and there is a lot wrong with it besides.

Still, I'm no expert. I wouldn't confuse ballet with Dance in general, though. I know plenty of people with all sorts of body types having professional dance careers. It's just not in ballet.

Anyway, my post wasn't meant to be taken too seriously. There are things wrong with ballet, but there are probably things wrong with anything we care to think about. Certainly, ballet is more likely to be too hard than it is to be too soft, if either of those mean anything.

What's wrong with Aikido?

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