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Brian Boyd wrote:

This is my first post. I am new to the site. I am new to Aikido. I actually have not even started Aikido. I am currently stuck in a contract [doing a kung fu] that is going to end in a couple of months. Then I am planning to on get into Aikido.

My question is:

It seems from reading this thread that a lot of people get injured in Aikido. Do more people get injured, more often, in Aikido than in other martial arts, such as kung fu?

Hello, Brian.

Welcome to Aiki-web.

My own injuries, after over 30 years of training are a wrist injury caused by an over-zealous nikkyo and a stiff right shoulder, from an 'unknown' cause: i.e., it happened after a practice where I was uke for the visitng shihan, but I cannot point to any particular time or place where it occurred.

Aikido is based on throws and the application of joint techniques. I myself think that injuries from joint techniques are relatively rare. Thus the injuries you are likely to encounter will probably arise from ukemi (receiving throws), either from taking ukemi yourself, or from colliding with other people taking ukemi.

But if you prepare yourself fully before training, the chances of injury will be diminished. I would say spend about 30 minutes on stretching and warming up.

Best regards,

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