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Man, I wish my last test was only 15 minutes long!

I'm in agreement with those who said that they don't really care about ranking, but I will say that my last (4th kyu) test really whipped me into shape. I was asked (sorta told but I could have refused) that I was testing in January, and for about a month I drilled nothing but those techniques that would be on the test. Needless to say, I was SO tired of doing the same handful of techniques, but as of testing time my kokyunage's had never been stronger (including now ). So it was a beneficial experience, and it felt great to get it other with.

A non-Aikido friend told me that you have to register with the government when you reach a black belt... I live in the US, has anybody heard about this? Is it only in certain states, or certain martial arts? I would like to know, because this would definitely keep me from ever taking a dan test (assuming that I make it that far down the path, which I'd like to think that I will). Thanks for the help and the interesting thread.

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