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Jesse Lee
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Not that either of these possibilities is so bad, but as you come up for your test they can really trouble you (or at least me). That's where the urge to plan comes in.
Exactly, there is the urge to plan ahead so as to represent yourself well and show all your tricks.

My sensei always stresses not planning or "setting up" for a certain attack, lest you get something different and respond ineffectively or dangerously, to your partner or yourself.

So there is a tension b/w those two ideals, and the more you train the more you can trust in going with the flow.

I like what you said earlier re.
I think of tests as a place where you share with your dojo or your community the Aikido that you know and that you do. The details of the test don't really matter because people will see and appreciate who you are either way.
PS Hey Damion, I trained for 18 months under SJJ at your dojo in Brooklyn, shoot me an email
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