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Thanks for the interesting replies - I was slightly suprised (and also pleased) not to hear of amazing feats where people managed to project people without touching them etc.

As sceptical as I am I was shown a recent excercise for developing a 'feel' for chi flow. After doing this I could detect, with my eyes closed, peoples bodies/hands (including my own) if they were within about half a foot of my hand. I don't know the explanation. It was a tingly feeling (a bit like static electricity, but more like in your skin, than on the surface. Also, although touching stopped the feeling, once the touch was removed the feeling continued.) It didn't seem to work with trees either (!)

I've given up trying to make sense of esoteric explanations - I just have to start accepting if things work, they work; there are many things we can't yet explain, though we do experience them.

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