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Deborah January
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Four months of no aikido due to knee injury. I have 'O'Donohue's unhappy triad' (good name eh?) - tears to medial collateral and crutiate ligaments and probably to meniscus. With no private health insurance I've been looking at NHS 10 months to MRI scan then another year+ to op.

When the hospital physio gave up on me 2 weeks ago she said that because I can walk and work (although not drive, run, cycle, practise aikido aargh), I might not be considered for an op - that was worse than all the pain. But she must have written a dynamite letter to the consultant - I've got a date - 2 June for an arthroscopy, hurrah.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I'm very happy and wanted to tell people who would understand. Finally, here comes the bit that relates to this thread:

It occurred on the mat but I didn't say that to the hospital - just said I turned abruptly. It could have happened anytime, but the part aikido played was in my keenness to practise over-riding body warnings. I had already strained my knee, but didn't stop.

So, don't ignore those messages from within - a couple of weeks of rest in December would have saved me perhaps 7-8 months of aikido deprivation.

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