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Anat Amitay
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Hi again Kaitlin.

Sorry, no useful suggestions yet from my teachers (they adviced things you wrote you already did) but I'm still looking.

I thought maybe you should try alternative medicine (like chineese medicine or so). They have many answers to problems modern medicine doesn't know how to deal with.

I'm suggesting this with some fear- I know that today there are many sharletans out there on the market, and it's though finding someone who is serious and good at his/ her job. But it's worth a try if you know someone or have good friends who can recommend truely.

Of course it is personal, if you believe in these things and so, but I'm saying this from family expirience- for example- my dad had a terrible pain in the shoulder a few years back. Every time he worked with the hand the pain would worsen and paralize his hand. He works a lot with his hands so it was a terrible bother. The doctors found nothing, he did just about any check there was, so their answer was- you'll have to live with the pain. A very good friend of my parents heard that and told them he is going to an acupancture who realy helps him (specifically this guy is a doctor that also studied chineese medicine). My dad had 6 or 8 treatments and the pain was gone. that was over ten years ago and the pain never returned. I live in another country so I can't advice you on anyone, but it something you can take into consideration. Just be careful, there is so much "vudo doctors" so check well who you put yourself into their hands.

Promise to still keep looking,

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