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Re: Injuries in Aikido ?

Dan Takaoka wrote:
In Aikido what are the most common injuries sustained in practice? Is the injury rate high in Aikido. Long term does Aikido have any long terms injuries as one gets older i;e bad back, nek injuries so forth. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
See for documented research on the topic.

In precis, most injuries occur when two UKE's hit each other falling; most serious injuries occur in Jpn universities.

More impressionistically, a LOT of my aikido friends end up with knee problems. I don't know if lots of tennis, bowling, biking, handball, etc. folk end up with them, too, though.

Niggling stuff--beginners usually spend some time with sore shoulders from learning to forward roll (and the older, over-weight one I've seen injured disproportionate to the general aikido population), over-stretched wrists, bruises (YONKYO night!), twisted ankles, stiff thumbs and fingers, etc.

This notwithstanding, I'd guess aikido does more for us than to us. (I'm not stopping soon...)

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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