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Larry Feldman
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I started my martial arts studies in Ju Jtsu, and had long since switched to Aikido - and a relatively 'softer' style at that. On a visit back to my old Ju Jitsu dojo they did warm ups and started the rolling 'lines'. One of my old teachers said 'under (age) 26 breakfalls, over 26 rolls'.

I am thinking, were is the over 40 line....!

It was a rude awakenng to me, since the style of Ju Jitsu was certainly 'hard' by Aikido standards. But it makes a lot of sense.

In my 'softer' style seminars were very exhausing to due the pace and duration of the practice. When people got tired, they just took a break, if they needed one.

Where is the 'self defense' benefit if the practise kills you? Hard to understand when you are young, stong and heal quickly.
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