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Dennis Hooker wrote:
George, I am well aware of the incident of which you speak. I have myself been involved in very serious actions. To be frank there is no time for thought. One acts out of survival and ones training and instinct take over. Was the act of which you speak violent? It was certainly injurious and the premeditated attack was planed violence. I believe violence is hostility, fighting, brutality, cruelty, sadism, and carnage among other things and I believe these things have no place in Aikido or in an Aikidoka's mind. The response I believe was instinctive self defense. I hope for the Aikidokas sake they harbor and harbored none of these things in the minds.
Ok. I figured you knew what I was talking about. I guess I believe that violence is that which is destructive. It can be natural violence, which destroy but creates space for the new. It can be emotional which does real damage that may not heal in a single lifetime. It certainly can be physical as noted above. I viewd the incident as violent but mot unjustified. The persopns in volved may not be aware that they were in fact lucky.

I had a friend in college who grew up in Chicago. He was Black and got attacked by two white guys from his school simply because of that fact. He was struck from behind with a mallet. He was a karate and jiu jutsu student since the age of twelve. He turned and dropped the first assailant with a side kick that put him out of it. The second attacker then backed off. My friend then helped the disabled attacker to his feet and invited the two of them to go for a beer as he was genuinely interested to hear why they thought they should attack him. That's my idea of non-violence. He had no intent to injure beyond what was necessary, had no desire to humiliate the attackers, and took the first opportunity to try to heal the conflict. That is Budo in action in my opinion.

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