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Again , thank you for all posting and your suggestions.

I am now on my own in this painful journey. My doctors have done what they can, tried every route and come up blank. Blood test after test and an addictive NSAID have done nothing to ease the discomfort what seems to run amuck with me.

I'm frustratedů. I'm tired, but I'm no longer scared. Fear builds tensionů and the last thing I need right now is more tension. I'm fighting withdrawal from Lortab (read vicodin) that was prescribed to "help" with my pain. I've come through a week now without another dose. The shakes and chills are starting to go away. I still get tired easily during class, but I'm gaining back the steps I lost before.

Yoga has helped a lot in the last month. I can stretch further, and the painful stiffness is eased after a nice warm up. "Yoga for Wimps" by Miriam Austin has been a life saver for me. Often times at work ( desk job) I do some of the stretches and find that I feel more refreshed and have less mobility problems. I think in a way, the Lortab addiction increased the mental reflex to pain. The pain I feel now is NOTHING compared to what it was before. I regret trying to silence my body in such a manner.

A change in diet and life style is here as well. I'm eating better ( as well as you can on a meal plan) and becoming more active. Swimming had proved to be a pleasurable exercise, helping my joints to pop less now. I'm gonna see if losing some weight will help with the pain. I'm about thirty over what I should be for my build and height.

I'm going to try Glucosamine( sp?) this summer, along with getting more Vitamins into my diet. Calcium is a biggie ( I'm lactose intolerant so the old , cup o milk every meal thing doesn't work for me).

Hopefully, after the summer I will be healthier and the pain will be gone, or at the very least an echo of what it was.

Any suggestions?


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