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Dennis Hooker
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I approach the religion issue in my dojo this way. I do not require of anyone anything that might go against their religion if in doing so it brings no harm or disorder to the dojo and its members. If someone needs not to bow then don't, if a girl can not touch a man other than her husband and she can arrange to work with only women, then so be it. I as the dojo head must be convinced that the request is genuine and not frivolous. I have ask people to go else where because they were playing games in my opinion and trying to just be different. Yes I have the right to do that! One time in Pensacola I had a large club at the University of West Florida. I had two young men from warring Muslim sects. The training room had two large doors on either end and each man would enter his own set of doors, I kept them separated for the fist two years. The third year they begin to interact in the class. Just before they left after the fourth year they came to me together each giving me his prayer rug and gratitude. I still have both, the rugs and the gratitude. The rugs on my mantel and the gratitude in my heart. Aikido did good!

Dennis Hooker

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