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Anat Amitay
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Hi all,

I agree with some of the things mentioned and with some less.

Kids are very different. There are some who can realy work with the adult class and some are too 'childish' or maybe playful is more correct. So there isn't a strict 'right' or 'wrong', there is a lot of inbetween.

Also important is the teacher. I don't believe anyone can teach a childrens class. It needs to be a person that has a way of reaching them, 'reading' them and of course, keeping them interested. I beleive that their classes should be modeled with play- both to take some of their hyperactive mood and also different techniques can be put into a playful game, so they enjoy a game while learning something new. Respect should be given, in both directions. It's not a bad thing to teach kids respect. Today it's even good with all that's happening around us...

It is also a MA so some basics need to be kept. It also gives the class a certain 'frame', more order.

There is no one answer to the questions brought up, some people will teach kids and have a great time and some will want to gobble them up!

Good luck anyway!

Good training!

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