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The one problem I see here is the vast area of the world. Even in the US what may work in say a rural suburb in Arizona may not work in the inner city of Los Angles. A lot of problems stem with peers and parents. Daniel is correct on ways I have seen in different areas. I used to teach Kenpo in Alaska and saw various things from children. I had my son start Aikido 7 years ago when he was 4 at a school that only took 6 year olds and up. When he turned 5 he was working out with the adults during open mat. All children are different. In child psychology it is said that most children only have a 1 minute attention span per age. If it does not seem "fun" children want nothing to do with it. There are numerous things to look at when teaching children. Some things work on some but not others. It is also the question of whom is the motivator, the child or the parents. My son wanted to start when he was that young and would like to have continued but his mother thought it was an incovience to her. When we are together over the summer we work out. My step-daughter is 10 and I just started her the other day as I felt she was not ready yet to be a student. She started on her own free will. Not "hey that looks cool, I'll drop you off and pick you up later". You have to look at all the reasons and motivations.
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