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thats the weird thing, the parents are never there. i'm guessing they drop their children off and pick them up in the car park. it seems irresponsible, but jersey is one of the safest places, so parents don't tend to worry about walking their children to class.

the parents we've managed to track down come to watch a class and then usually the children never come back.


also, we did try a juniors only class, that i used to help out at when my sifu was injured and master needed somone just to stand at the front of the class and run through exercises while he corrected. however, the children didn't used to turn up a lot of the time, but they do when its a mixed class. maybe they just enjoy winding up the seniors, i don't know.

we used to us discipline. you'd be surprised what the threat of 10 press-ups will do.



we've tried the 'some kids are distracting others, won't be as good as their mates' etc. no real luck with that. in fact the only thing they respond to is 'if you learn this, then we'll teach you something REALLY cool', but that only works for about 5 minutes.



42 students?! we only have about 8, and two of those are hard workers



maybe its something about jersey, but here no-one really responds to strict teachers anymore. in fact it may be more of a problem with society than our club.



you're probably right

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