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AiKiDo with caps: gosh, I never really thought about it. Jonathan's explanation makes a lot of sense to me. It might even be right. I wonder if I'd thought about it hard enough I would have come up with that.

Grains of salt: one of the things that I like about AiKiDo (at least the way I was taught and learned and teach) is that you are welcome to carry out of the dojo exactly those aspects that suit you and to allow the other parts to flow over you easily. There have been years at a time in which I felt that much of the philosophy was irrelevant to me. I felt pleasantly challenged by the philosophy, but it was not a feeling of having anything forced on me. I think that's because you are just as welcome on the mat whether or not you 'believe' or 'accept' or whatever. You are welcome on the mat if you used to believe and then changed your mind. You are welcome on the mat, generally, no matter what is in your head.

In truth, I think this approach is slightly insiduous: over time, the philosophy and spiritual aspects seep into you. You find yourself having accepted them through the sheer force of practice and practicality. They just work. Still, that was my experience, and I know plenty of highly ranked AiKiDoka who seem to have no connection at all to what I see as the important stuff.

Yours in Aiki
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