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Jeff Tibbetts wrote:
Also, what exactly do you mean by Ki lines and Kokyu circles. I can think of some things, but could you expand on that a bit?

Although not simple in nature nor in understanding, simply "speaking", KI moves in lines and Kokyu moves in Circles. If you think of the "direction" that your partner is moving, you can draw a line that would follow it. Now using that line, you can intersect it (center/tanden) at a right angle, or move along with it at a parallel. Kokyu (breath power) moves in concentric circles at 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees relative to the ground (in both directions, left/right & forward/backward). Much of this can be seen only when slowed down to 1/10 speed, but is the internal components of the "aiki" used within aikido techniques.

If you are ever in NY, come look us up and ask your questions on the mat.

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