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Dennis Hooker wrote:
If it is unshakable faith then all the Japanese trappings that go along with the art don't mean diddly.

Of course you will find that occasional person that tries to mix a lot of extraneous mumbo jumbo into the Aikido and then you have a problem. Avoid the nuts and your you will be alright.
Mr. Hooker,

While I appreciate most of what you have had to say on these boards, whether I agree or disagree being of little importance here, I would like to make mention of a point on each of the two comments you made in your last post.

1. If the Japanese trappings have no meaning, then I make the supposition that one has lost an essential part of O-Sensei's art. More importantly, for many, the trappings are what makes Aikido, as an art, different then say Hapkido, where many techniques from a physical standpoint may be "considered" the same

2. It might be said that your above description would be a perfect fit if one would be describing O-Sensei. Now while I am sure you are not saying anything derogatory about the Founder of our art, it would sell many students short to recommend that they avoid teachers that may actually have some understanding of some of that mumbo jumbo you so avidly advise to pass over. Now if you mean that once one has a firm root in Aikido that they should then take a deeper cut into the trappings and essence of the art, versus getting lost in it, and thereby losing an interest in continuing to practice, then I would whole-heartedly agree.

While I am not necessarily requesting you to reply, I thank you for allowing me to make my points.

I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.
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