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Well, actually...

Having received specific instruction on this during my studies with Seiseki Abe Sensei, I tend to focus on this topic during my intermediate training sessions.

There are three specific fingers of focus, each one a different key point one would use depending on which manner you are attempting to express a particular technique.

The three key fingers are:

Thumb (Tenkan)

Pinky (Irimi)

Middle (Kuzushi, both straight up and down)

There is specific relevance to particular KI lines, and Kokyu circles. These can be specifically demonstrated during the proper display of the Funakoki-no-Gyo ("rowing the boat") exercise. When understood, a person can then develop applications towards techniques.

Additionally, the execution of specific combinations, for example Thumb (forward)-Middle (up)-Pinky (back)-Middle (down) - direction relative to Uke & ground - would be the developed application for one type of Katatedori Sayunage. As one begins to become adept, the timing between the first and last focal point is less than .25 seconds.

The Yonkyo point under one's own index finger is the focal point for Ikkyo pins. Pins should not depend upon pinky, as a grab may not always be possible depending on the situation.

We might consider from the above posts that much more can, and needs to be said about the importance of this lost (relatively) understanding so that we may all move forward in our path of seeking O-Sensei's Aikido.

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